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Contact us to set up your fundraiser with your own online team store! We will make a
mockup designs and a flyer with a QR code you can share! You can also sell in person
with order forms or combine online and offline orders to maximize sales. We will send you an email with all the details.

We need:

1. Choose 2 Shoes and 1 Sock Design

2. Fundraiser end date

(most run 2 - 4 weeks; 3 weeks most common)

3. Shipping address (including phone number for delivery)

4. Who to make the check out to

5. Any extras - Let us know if you need to add a drop-down menu, individual sales sheets, or anything extra to help you sell more shoes!

Share your website on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, by email, and with flyers. Make sure everyone gets a chance to buy some awesome slides!

We can add custom notes, a player list for players to get credit for sales, and send emails to buyers with pick up information to make it your own! The more people that know
about it, the more you make! We can mail you a stock sample (not custom) if you need
a physical pair to show buyers and get an idea of quality alongside the mockup design. 

Shoes will be delivered to the coach or sale organizer to distribute the slides 30 days after the fundraiser ends so make sure to set your end date and buyers' expectations accordingly. You will receive a spreadsheet and receipts with buyer information to help sort and distribute the shoes.





Once the fundraiser ends, we will send you a check by mail with all the funds that were raised! The minimum to make shoes and send a fundraiser check is 12 pairs sold. If you sell less than 12 pairs, the orders will be canceled and refunded unless you extend the sale or order extras to reach 12 pairs. You will also receive tracking for the shoes once they have been shipped.

Sale Price

  • Pride Slides = $35

  • Moon Slides = $40

  • Gaitors = $45

  • Underdawgs = $60

  • Davey Dawgs = $60

  • Knit Socks = $15


12 - 99 pairs sold raises $10 per pair

  • 12 pairs raises $10x12 = $120

100+ pairs sold raises $15 per pair

  • 100 pairs raises $15x10 = $1,500

    • Additional bonuses can be issued for sales of 250+pairs.​

Socks raise $3 per pair for 10+ pairs sold. Sock profit is a flat rate kickback separate from shoe sales and there are no bonuses.

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